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help - connect to office network printer via vpn ssl

Hi there.


need help please.

my office has 1 print server, connected to 1 usb printer.

from local network, the clients can print well.

we use FG-60D, and successfully create vpn ssl. remote user can connect to office network via vpn ssl, and can ping to IP print server. Also can ping local IP the fortigate.


the problem is, remote user can't access the printer, nor install the driver. already tried:

- install driver from wizard printer setup driver

- add printer manually, enter the port is tcp/ip and enter the IP of print server.


the printer is Canon Image Runner series, and use DLINK print server.


need help please. thanks




Possible workaround would be to create firewall policy from ssl.root interface to interface where printer is connected with destination as printer IP only with NAT enabled. Place this policy at top

Enabling NAT might do the trick but suggestion for separate policy is to not disturb the set-up for other internal resources which are already working fine.



Did this ever get resolved?