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fortigate 100E v6.0.8 upgarde

Dears ,

we are having fortigate 100E v6.0.8 build0303 and we are looking to upgrade our version , could you tell me what is the most stable version and does not has bugs , because when I am reading about different versions I can see a lot of known issue which are not exist on v6.0.8



Regards ,






A FortiGate 100E can be upgraded up to the latest firmware version.


As a best practice it is recommended to always upgrade to the latest patch release of your currently used firmware branch. The later patch releases are considered more stable than the previous ones.


For example if using 6.0.x then upgrade to 6.0.14 patch release.

When using 6.2.x then upgrade to 6.2.10 patch release.

When on 6.4.x then upgrade to 6.4.9

When on 7.0.x then upgrade to 7.0.6.


As your currently used firmware version 6.0.8 is outdated and actually 6.0.x and 6.2.x are out of engineering support it is recommended to upgrade at least to 6.4.x and here to 6.4.9.

Alternatively upgrade to the never firmware 7.0.6 in case you need any of the new features.


Please make sure to always consult the release notes and take a backup of the current config file before upgrading.


Best Regards

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Dear lol , 

thank you , when we have installed 6.4.9 on vm , we have noticed major differences from 6.0.8 like there is no hardware switch or device and inventory as shown below 


we currently using device inventory a lot in our 6.0.8 ip4 polices, do we need to change that before upgrading to 6.4.9?





Hardware-switch is still available, but it will not be available in VM.

And yes, from 6.2 device inventory and device groups were removed and are not longer used in FW policy. I recommend to adjust these policies to source subnets/user groups correctly as after upgrade, these firewall policies will not contain device groups.


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