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fortianalyzer reports only go back 10 days - log setting?

I was asked to run user detailed browsing log and web usage report for the last 45 days.

when I run the reports, it only goes back 10 days.


I checked the device log settings on the analyzer, and it was set to roll log file at 200 MB, and I changed that to the maximum of 500.

under file management nothing is checked to automatically delete.


how can I view how far back my logs go?

is there someplace else I need to check settings?


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Thanks for giving the feedback AtiT.

I´m currently investigating an issue with the TAC with one of our ADOM:s with a brand new machine where the logs are collected but not inserted into the database (Analythics) untill I do a database rebuild. This results in very strange issues as Fortiview for example is showing no results.

Other ADOM:s are fine. This is 5.4.0. If I delete a device, same issue occurs.

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