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we have FSSO Agent running on member server, it pollss the AD server.when looking at Show Logn Users, most of the users show as Type DC-agent, but a few are showing as type EventLog.can someone tell me why? my understanding of our setup is it polls t...
want to update my fortigates this evening to latest patch due to the VPN issue we have read about.but my fortimanager only seems to show the previous version of firmware available to push down to the different fortigates, not the most current version...
I recently replaced my main fortinet unit, moving from old one with 5.2.4 software to new box with 5.6 softwarefound out the hard way that several of my remote users (and I mean remote) are still using XP laptops.they have forticlient 5.4.1 but canno...
I am going to upgrade our fortinet boxes from 5.4 to 5.6 in upcoming weeks.our FSSO agent running on our server is on version 5.0.0247do I need to upgrade the fsso agent or is that version compatible with all 5.x versions?
I know you can reset via console, but the one I need to reset is at remote site with no IT people there.tried to walk someone through resetting it via reset in back, using paperclip, but it appears to only have rebooted it.is that due to not holding ...
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