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forti view monitor shows no data

Dear Team,

Forti view monitor shows no data where I can see all data on log view. Its receiving on log view, But I can't see any report from forti view monitor. It shows NO DATA since last week. Kindly help me on these above mentioned issue.

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I have double check everything is showing ok. On log data it receives log's also. But when I go to into fortiview monitor view then there are showing NO DATA.



You are facing an issue where FortiView Monitor is not showing any data, even though the Log View is receiving the data correctly. Here are the possible reasons and troubleshooting steps:
1) Timeframe selection: Check if you have selected the correct timeframe in FortiView Monitor to ensure it includes the desired data.
2) Data collection settings: Verify that the FortiGate device or FortiAnalyzer appliance is configured to collect the necessary data. Ensure the logs you want to monitor are being captured.
3) System resources: Check the system's resource utilization (CPU, memory) to ensure it is not overwhelmed, as this can affect real-time data display.
4) Log storage capacity: Ensure sufficient storage capacity is available to store the logs. If the storage is full or nearly full, it can prevent new data from being displayed. Consider expanding the log storage if needed.
5) Configuration issues: Review the FortiView Monitor configuration settings, including filters and rules, to ensure they are correctly set up.
6) Firmware and software updates: Check for available updates for your FortiGate device or FortiAnalyzer appliance and apply them if necessary to resolve known issues and improve functionality.
7) Support and documentation: If the issue persists, consult Fortinet's support resources, such as their knowledge base, documentation, or community forums, for specific troubleshooting steps tailored to your setup.


Best regards,





It seems like there might be an issue with FortiView Monitor not displaying data. Here are a few steps you can try:


Check Filter Settings:  Ensure that the filter settings in FortiView Monitor are correctly configured to display the data you are looking for. Double-check the time range and any specific filters applied.


Try to change the browser as well, and check if some other browser shows you the logs.


Try to restart the httpsd process by running the command below:


#fnsysctl killall httpsd


after running the above command, check it in some other browser.






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