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fap-221E and fortigate 100f

Hi Guys, i need to install to my customer new wifi network with FAP-221E.

My customer has a pair of Fortigate FW100F, and the network switchs are HPE Aruba Networks.


I need to enable something to manage the ap with fortigate ? 

I need to untag the port of new ap with the network management of firewall ?





Hi @tony85,

Just make sure the interface on FortiGate connected to AP is having Security Fabric Connection turned on for Administrative access and you should be able to manage the AP from FortiGate.



Hello @tony85 ,


Connect the FortiAP to the HPE Aruba switch. Make sure the switch port is configured to allow the necessary VLANs. Ensure that your FortiGate FW100F devices are properly connected and configured. If they are in an HA pair, make sure HA is properly configured. If you're using VLANs, configure the VLAN settings on the HPE Aruba switch and make sure they match the VLAN settings on the FortiGate. If the FortiAP is going to be in the same VLAN as the FortiGate management interface, you can leave the port as untagged. If you're using a separate VLAN for your wireless network, you'll need to tag the port that the FortiAP is connected to with that VLAN ID. 


FortiAP units can be managed directly from the FortiGate via a FortiLink interface. Make sure to configure this on the FortiGate. Go to Network > Interfaces and create a new FortiLink Interface. Assign the physical interface to which the FortiAP is connected. Go to WiFi & Switch Controller > Managed FortiAPs. You should see the FortiAP listed there. Authorize it to be managed by the FortiGate. Go to WiFi & Switch Controller > SSID and create a new SSID. Go to WiFi & Switch Controller > Managed FortiAPs. Edit the FortiAP and assign the SSID you created.


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