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Contributor II information missing: mature or feature

Hello! Has anybody found how to see the mature/feature information directly from I tried to find it but couldn't. The only way is to log in to, go to downloads and then check the versions of firmware whether they have M or F mentioned in the firmware file. Why so complicated? It shouldn't be a secret to put this to There is no contact information either to write about this to the website administrators so I can only ask here (or open a ticket with support for this?). For example, the Upgrade path tool has been put publicly there already which wasn't there in the past.


Hello Echo,


The information is not there in, you can check the maturity level directly from the firewall 

Check the above guide "updates all section"  else you've to check it from the support portal, If you want to get the Mature and Feature information added in the next release notes you can raise a case or check with the sales team they can help you with conveying your message to the developers.

Also, you can follow the below doc for recommended release.


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