FortiGate Next Generation Firewall utilizes purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard labs to deliver top-rated protection and high performance, including encrypted traffic.
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This article is here to help customers in determining the most appropriate software release for FortiOS. The recommendations stated below are the latest as of August 2023.

The information in this document is not meant to be exhaustive and is intended to serve as general guidance to customers, especially in cases of mass deployments/upgrades. In cases where working with Fortinet SE's, Professional Services, or the TAC then you should refer to their guidance.

Scope This document is a general recommendation of FortiOS Software recommendations for general customer deployments for general stability.
For customers who may be leveraging the latest features, the latest FortiOS versions may be more applicable.


Product Family Product Details Recommended Release End of Engineering Support Passed (Y/N)
Low End FortiGate-30E 6.2.15 Y
FortiWiFi-30E 6.2.15 Y
FortiGate-40F   7.0.12 N
FortiWiFi-40F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-40F-3G4G 7.0.12 N
FortiWiFi-40F-3G4G 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-50E 6.2.15 Y
FortiWiFi-50E 6.2.15 Y
FortiGate-51E 6.2.15 Y
FortiWiFi-51E 6.2.15 Y
FortiGate-52E 6.2.15 Y
FortiGate-60D 6.0.17 Y
FortiWiFi-60D 6.0.17 Y
FortiGate-60E 7.0.12 N
FortiWifi-60E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-60F 7.0.12 N
FortiWiFi-60F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-61F 7.0.12 N
FortiWiFi-61F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-70F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-71F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-80E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-81E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-80F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-81F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-90D 6.0.17 Y
FortiGate-90E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-91E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-90G 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-91G 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-94D 6.0.17 Y
FortiGate-98D 6.0.17 Y
Mid Range FortiGate-100E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-101E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-100F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-101F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-140E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-200E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-200F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-201E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-201F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-300E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-301E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-400E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-400E-BYPASS 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-401E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-400F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-401F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-500E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-501E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-600D 6.4.14 Y
FortiGate-600E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-600F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-601E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-601F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-800D 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-900D 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-900G 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-901G 7.0.12 N
High End FortiGate-1000D 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-1000F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-1001F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-1100E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-1101E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-1200D 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-1500D 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-1500DT 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-1800F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-1801F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-2000E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-2200E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-2201E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-2500E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-2600F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-2601F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3000D 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3000F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3001F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3100D 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3200D 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3200F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3201F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3300E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3301E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3400E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3401E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3500F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3501F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3600E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3601E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3700D 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3700F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3701F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3800D 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3810D 6.4.14 Y
FortiGate-3815D 6.4.14 Y
FortiGate-3960E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-3980E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-4200F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-4201F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-4400F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-4401F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-4801F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-4800F 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-5001D 6.4.14 Y
FortiGate-5001E 7.0.12 N
FortiGate-5001E1 7.0.12 N
Virtual Machines FortiGate-VM64    -        all versions 7.0.12 N


Engineering  Special Builds:
In certain cases, critical bug fixes are made available on Engineering special builds. These builds are not available on If you are running into any issues specific to your environment which is not already fixed in existing releases, contact Fortinet TAC Support to investigate the issue.
Special builds are meant to be deployed for a limited time frame and customers are advised to move to the next maintenance build with their fixes as soon as it is available. Engineering special builds are fully supported by the Fortinet Advanced Support team and, in some specific instances, by Fortinet TAC Support.



AC and DC models use the same firmware image.


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Will 6/7K be added to this list?


Since FOS 7.0.13 has been released, when will this KB article be updated?  Are there plans for 7.0.13 to be the recommended version?


Hi guys, this article will be updated soon, as we're still performing our usual checks before we recommend an OS. Stay tuned. :)


@Stephen_G Thanks for the update!