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disk log error

I am getting the following error on my analyzer console


what should I do housekeeping of the disk log ?




If you have not allocated the disk space properly or  if the disk usage is full, you will get the alert message.

If disk quota is not configured properly, then configure the same . (System >> config >> Advanced >> On disk management, allocate the quota for log and reports).


If the disk is full, then you can delete the logs on disk using below command.


execute log filter device <id>    ------ execute log filter device <press enter> to find the id of disk.

execute log delete-all


Alternatively, you can format the logdisk using below command.


execute formatlogdisk


Running the command, FGT will go for reboot.


i have set the disk logging to 20Gb, utilization is now 27%. previously nothing was configured.



Yes, If quota is not properly configured, you may face these types of alert messages.


Now the disk usage should be fine and you will not get any issues.

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the error return after a few days.

is this the correct way to configure the disk mgmt ??

this is done on the Fortigate.

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