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disconnect a session

Hi We use fortigate captive portal with radius authentication. We need to disconnect a user or reauthorize a user after he has specific amount of download. 1- Is there any way to disconnect a connected user programatically? I have seen the use of radius " Packet of disconnect" or " change of authorization" extentions or reauthorization in specific time intervals. But I guess fortigate does not support any of them. 2- is there anyway to change the assigned group for a connected user on fly? thanks
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perhaps may be useful to them. to delete user:
 diagnose firewall auth filter user " username" 
 diagnose firewall auth clear
You can refer to the following links for the control of user sessions.

Tuncay BAS RZK Muhendislik Turkey NSE 4 5 6 FCESP v5

Tuncay BAS RZK Muhendislik Turkey NSE 4 5 6 FCESP v5

You may change setting like: config user setting set auth-timeout-type hard-timeout end It will force re-authentication if " auth-timeout" is reached
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