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Hello friends, We can use two-factor PPTP vpn.
On a system with FSSO user settings, is it possible for Fortigate to retain the last user logon list that was taken by the FSSO when it was disconnected, and to allow the outputs? When FSSO is disconnected, everyone appears to be a guest.
How can we do unequal-cost load-balancing on Fortigate?
Currently doing manual backups, but the timing will be added. http://www.tuncaybas.com/index.php/fortibackup-ile-birden-fazla-cihazdan-yedek-alma/
Rule :alert udp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> $HOME_NET 53 (msg:"Potential NSTX DNS Tunneling"; content:"|01 00|"; offset:2; within:4; content:"cT"; offset:12; depth:3; content:"|00 10 00 01|"; within:255; classtype:badunknown; sid:1000 2;) how can i this rul...
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