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different speed test via two phones AP22E or 224E



we will test the throughput of an access point  222E  also 224E  in mesh mode  and we have two phones (Glaxay A10 and Hawuei)


the problem:


why if we are  in the same position to test the throughput ( speed test via phone ) ,


the two phones (  (Glaxay A10 and Hawuei)  give different speed test and different throughput  despite they are in the same place  .


PLease , i need from expert wirless explain me why the two phone in the same place give different speed test


(   Glaxay A10 give  high speed and the other phone hawei give  low speed  )  i the same position that a allows us to hesitate for our work !!!


thanks in advance 


Hi Safwa,


Check on which Band the clients are connected and try to add the MIMO and Rate columns in the Wifi-Client Monitor on the FGT. Rule of thumb: 5GHz usually provides better throughput, more spatial streams (ex. 3x3 MIMO) also.

If you get approx 75MBit/s as a maximum you are most probably connected via 2,4 GHz.


There will be HUGE differences between the client´s speed regarding the connecting Band and MIMO (and the resulting Rate, but please note that the Rate is just the physical connection speed)

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