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diagnose traffictest on a Fortigate 600F with 6.4.14 - not the same as on a 60F/100F?

Dear community and support


I have troubles running "diagnose traffictest" on a Forigate 600F with 6.4.14 - I have no idea how to configure the destination server IP and the port to be used. for the run command


I was using "diagnose traffictest" on Fortigate 60F and 100F running 6.4.14 several times without any issues as I have the commands necessary:


diagnose traffictest client-intf wan1
diagnose traffictest server-intf wan1
diagnose traffictest port 5201
diagnose traffictest run -c <iperf-server-ip> -t 60



However, that does NOT work on a Fortigate 600F with the same version (6.4.14) - that device seems to use different commands and I fail to find any useful documentation (to at least change the server IP, the port to the server and a way to make it run more than 10s).


Any one an idea?



You can confirm the command options using:

di traffictest ?

If that didn't work, you are probably using a vdom so type:


config vdom

edit ? <--- list vdom name

edit <vdom_name> <-- case sensitive


Furthermore, di traffictest run -c <IP> -p 5201 is for client upload, thus use -R for client download di traffictest run -R -c <IP>.


If you're just testing internet speed, then personally, I use

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