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creating a SW switch to have wifi and wired on the same subnet

I followed the link to create a SW switch to include a physical port and wifi SSID to be on the same subnet.  However, I'm having an issue with receiving IP address on the wifi client.  I am able to connect with wired connection fine.  Anything I should check?  



First of all you'd be better off setting up the AP in bridged mode most likely. Using software switch will affect FGT performance. In bridged mode AP clients will connect to the network the same as wired clients.


If you must use tunnel mode and software switch then I would ask if you are doing any VLAN tagging?


Thanks for your reply.  I tried to setup with both bridged mode and tunnel mode.  Both of them, I wasn't able to get the IP on wifi client.  Wired connection worked fine but not the wifi client.  It connects but no IP.  I must have missed something.  Basically, I created a SSID with bridge mode and no IP assigned, created a SW switch with a physical port and a SSID as a member, assigned IP and setup a DHCP pool.  


Thanks for your reply.  I actually looked at this and followed but I still have an issue with wifi client not receiving IP.  I opened up a ticket with Fortinet.  Let's see if they can help me.  It seems a very simple setup.. yet, it doesn't work.  strange..


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