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connection error if passing through fortigate for Microsoft Autopilot enrollment

hi team,

really a big headache here.

We are delivering desktops to users using Microsoft SCCM + Autopilot. during the autopilot task sequences, it's very likely to give the error "Oops, you've lost internet connection" though I can call the CMD to ping Internet and ping works.

To eliminate our LAN infrastructure , I created a VLAN type interface on fortigate firewall, and trunk the VLAN to our coreswitch, then trunk to the access switch. Also, I set up a DHCP server under that VLAN type interface so it can assign IP address to the desktop during the enrollment. So the topology is like:

ISP <-> Fortigate <-> Coreswitch <-> ACCESS switch.

The VLAN type interface on FW is the gateway of the VLAN for Autopilot enrollment.

Also, to get rid of the firewall policy impact to the traffic, I created a policy accepting all from that VLAN subnet, applied no security profile on it, and I do see the traffic from that VLAN hit the policy as expected.



The VLAN interface configuration in GUI is basically as below. One thing I am not sure is the NTP and timezone, if I leave it blank, will it follow the FW's date and time? If i manually change it, will the change impact something?

interface conf1.PNGinterface conf2.PNGinterface conf3.PNG

and here is the FW basic information



to compare, we tried using a physical port 1 directly from FW, connecting the laptop to the physical port, and the Autopilot task sequence runs very well, and I put the physical port and the VLAN type interface to the same firewall policy actually.


Can anyone give any suggestions..


Hi @sean3,


Please check the logs on FortiGate to see if the traffic is being dropped. 




Hi @sean3,
So if you connect directly from physical interface and policy without any security profiles, it is working but if with vlan and switch it is not working even without security profile?

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exactly. but the traffic from switch hit the same policy as the traffic directly from the physical port on FW, and there is no drop as I checked traffic logs from ForitiAnalyzer


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