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cannot longer connect FortiClientVPN Azure SAML MFA



since updating iPhone iOS from the last version 16 to the current 17.0.1, connecting via FortiClientVPN is no longer possible. The Azure SAML authentication takes place, but it stops at "Connection".
FortiClient VPN
Fortigate 7.2.5 build1517
Can anyone here report the same problem?

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VPN is also working with the FortiClient app. (Not FortiClient VPN). It can be used for 30 days.


I am a bit worried why the fix for the free app is taking so long. What would happen if there was a security issue with the free client?

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Is there any update on this issue, specifically some kind of ETA as to when the App is going to be released  as this is causing significant issues for members of my staff that use iPhones to connect and the 30 day expiry just makes things worse for remote workers

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No ETA for while. The only work-around is to disable dtls-tunnel and all iphones will be able to connected as before.  

config vpn ssl settings
    set dtls-tunnel disable

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FYI: You can just delete the App and Reinstall it for another 30 Days Trial.

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Good morning together,


today there was an update on iOS to Version 7.2.3, after installing i can no longer connect the VPN tunnel. 

We have disabled the dtls-tunnel in case of the issues with version 7.2.2, but this help not for the new verion 7.2.3. I try enable dtls-tunnel, but this will also not work. :(

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Working fine after the update on my end we still have dtls disabled from the 7.2.2 version. Do you have devices still on 7.2.2 that can confirm its still working for them?

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We utilize Azure SAML and had implemented the DTLS workaround for use with Forticlient v7.2.2 for iOS.  After updating to v7.2.3 and reversing that change in the Fortigate, the SSL-VPN connection works successfully for us.


FortiOS v7.2.5

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I tested it with the new Forticlient VPN version ( on IOS 17.0.3.   It works!  

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I am Running iOS 17.1.1. on my iPhone, Forticlient Version 7.2.3 & FortiOS 7.4.1 and can no longer connect after update to this Version. The 7.2.2. clients works without any problems. :(

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I am running iOS 17.3 on ipad and iphones and Forticlient VPN version and we cannot get VPN to go once we hit "connect". It comes up with a blank white screen "about:blank"


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