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Would like some assistance configuring up a custom webfilter in FortiAnalyzer

Hi folks,


I'm relatively new to custom reports and while I've dabbled with the out-of-the-box reports on occasion I have a customer asking for the following. They have Full SSL inspection for all domain-joined computers with HTTPS inspection in the SSL inspection policy and they have a web filter enabled which monitors or blocks all categories.


They're after a detailed report of user browsing activity. 

They are after the following in a report template which will allow them to pick a username and a date range, and then get the following:


Date and Time stamp

Full URL ( for web browsing, videos, file downloads, file uploads) i.e we need to know the exact page they visted

Size (download, upload, total)

Time spent,

Number of sessions


I'm thinking it will require a Macro at the top to pick the user and another to select the date range


I'm a little lost as I've not customized anything like this before and would love some pointers to those who may have done this before and are willing to lend some assistance. 


Super appreciate anyone with some advice :)



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I have worked on this a bit more, and I'm stuck currenlty so have posted another topic here: [link][/link]

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