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Wireless connected devices send traffic over wireless controller

Hi All,

In the organization WIFI is controller by FortiNet WLAN Controller (MC1550).




It was noticed that devices connected to Wi-Fi send traffic over WLAN controller and not directly via default gateway.




Is it normal for FortiNet wireless controller to act as a router?

If yes could you please help to set up a static route.

There is an IPSec VPN tunnel between the office and the environment in Azure and devices conencted to wi-fi can't communicate with Azure infrastructure as the wireless controller seems doesn't know where to forward traffic. 




I can confirm that for the wireless network the default gateway IP is

I also tried to add static route manually route -p add mask but that didn't help either.


Hi @MadDog_2023,


Traffic should go to the default gateway unless you have a specific route to Please check your routing-table by running "route print". You also need to create rules to allow traffic on the WLC.



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Hi @hbac 

As I mentioned I added route manually route -p add mask on a desktop but traffic still goes through wireless controller. is a default gateway.

192.168.9.XXX is the IP address of the desktop.


You also need to create rules to allow traffic on the WLC.

Where do I do that?


P.S. On the FortiGate router there is a route that send traffic to over VPN to Azure. It is just for some unknown reason the wireless controller send traffic through itself which I've never seen before. If it is how FortiNet Wireless Controller works then there should be an option to add a route.

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Hi @hbac 

Thanks for the link.

It may be what I'm after.

However, when I try to add a static route the field for an interface name is empty. 




Is it related to VLAN interface?

If yes, could you please help with the VLAN interface fields (IP address and Default Gateway).


wireless 2.jpg

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Hi All,


Can someone please help me with this.

With all the pleasure I would get rid of that FortiNet Controller and replace with something else but it will take some time and for now I need to set up a static route.


No idea why that controller acts as a router but that's another story. 


Thanks in advance.


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