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Windows 11 22H2 update, FortiClient VPN doesn't work



Today I updated Windows 11 to the new version (22H2) on 2 PCs. FortiClient VPN worked seamlessly on the previous version (21H2) but after the update it doesn't connect and gives the following message:


Screenshot 2022-09-28 115237.png


Is it a known issue with FortiClient VPN? Is there a solution?


Thank you in advance,



I too can confirm that the workaround works. I had to get the subnet and gateway addresses from a colleague, but once I had entered all the details, it worked immediately. 


I had the same issue yesterday, but only on one computer

other in the same domain don't have the issue.


I finally resolved the problem, it's not a VPN Client issue

found there :


Just use the following command as an administrator on your computer :

Netsh int ip reset


Should be working again.



This solution does not work on my issue. The VPN client gets and displays the IP address, but it still does not pass the IPv4 settings (IP, Netmask, Gateway) to WIndows. This could be an issue from both ends, but my colleague has the exact same setup as I have, meaning same laptop, same version of Windows 11 and the same Forticlient version and his works as it should.


Confirmed this worked for me as well.
Had to enter the subnet as well as my dns servers.
Thank you for the workaround.


I cannot connect to my VPN via FortiClient. That's my issue. So I can't get an assigned IP...


The issue is usually due to network connection. - Check whether the PC is able to access the internet and reach VPN server on necessary port. - Check whether correct remote Gateway and port is configured in FortiClient settings.


Rachel Gomez


I have this same issue, the VPN connects just fine but the IP never updates and using the work around to manually configure the Network connections is the only way to get it to work.  There is no issue with the network, I have tried in numerous locations and it seems to be consistent with just the one PC with Windows 11.  Everyone else in the company has no issues connecting to the VPN.  Everything is configured properly so its not network, in an effort to try and figure out if its an issue with my profile I reinstalled windows 11 and the issue remains. 

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I have been researching and digging into this for a while and stumbled on the solution you need to uninstall (KB2693643), just did it on my machine and FortiClient connected with no issue.


Wow!! James, I don't know where you found that, but you nailed it!!!! I had the same problem (Forticlient, Windows 11 22H2:( Forticlient shows "Connected" and a valid IP address given via DHCP, however you cannot access anything on the corporate network, since your Fortinet SSL VPN Virtual Ethernet Adapter, actually gets an automatic IP (APIPA, 169.254.x.x) and not the one informed by Forticlient. I had already realized that forcing a fixed IP manually, plus mask and DNS on the Fortinet SSL VPN Virtual Adapter was a working workaround, but I was still trying different things everyday for the last 2 or 3 weeks to try to find a definitive solution. And the uninstall of KB2693643 was the only thing that really WORKED, and I tested it succesfully on the 3 computers where we were having this problem!! I did it easily with command "wusa /uninstall /kb:2693643" on the Command Prompt (opened as Admin). It just will pop up for a "Yes" to confirm. Then I didn't even need to restart. I tested the VPN connection again and it worked. On the other hand, I've seen that this patch is RSAT (Remote Server Admin Tools). In 2 of the computers with this problem, I am pretty sure that RSAT was installed, but the third one, no way, cause it was a regular user computer. Anyway, I won't worry that much and enjoy that it is fixed now. Thanks a million!!!!

Best regards, Marcelo
Best regards, Marcelo

Just registered here to say thanks James. Just jumped to Win11 recently and the RSAT tools were killing me in a way I never imagined. Thanks again!


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