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Where do I access Policy Monitor?



Refering to this:


I don't have Policy Monitor anywhere. I've looked for it in the features list and can't see a reference there either. Would be super helpful because filtering by policy in Forward or Local traffic never seems to give me useful results. 


Working with a 60E on 6.0.5



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Nevermind, found it (or something similar at least) under FortiView / All Segments / Policies

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What you mean is Dashboard > cog wheel > add widget > FortiView > Policies.


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Ede"Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!"

Cheers, but that's not quite what I mean. That's a widget view to show the same data. Neither are what the documentation is refering to, that's still a mystery.


I'm trying to weed out a rule that hardly gets hit but has been logging for months. I get zero results when looking at anything other than "now" which shows the top 45 policies. I'm guessing policies with currently active sessions? I'm not even convinced of that becasue I'm look at a policy with active sessions and it's not showing.


Does this Policy Monitor as described in the documentation exist? Looks to me that the FotiView has FotiSupersceded it and the FotiDocumentation hasn't been FortiUpdated 



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