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What happen to fortinet support department? customer right must be respected.


My company use fortinet devices for years with anually subscription. I need to register a basic FNDN account to research the fortinet rest api documents. The problem is to register account here you must have two fortinet employee email as sponsors.

I created a support ticket on 2022/09/12 , they told me to contact local sales to get supports with email account , okay, i contacted the account manager email at my region to ask for this, he replied me to provide him fortinet device serials. I provided my serials to him as resquested, and no response, I sent another email to him about this, then no more response.I got back to the fortinet support ticket and ask for help, they provied me two sponsors email to register FNDN account, after few days, i got two emails, and one of them is the email account of the account manager that i contacted before as main sponsor.

On the account registeration process, only one of fortinet employee approve my request, the main sponsor may not open his email client for months or filter some email to trash.

I got back to fortinet support ticket again, and till now i have to wait, it's 1month and 10 days since i need to register FNDN account and problem not solved.

I am fortinet customer and account registeration just to approach the technical document about my purchased devices, and such a long time waiting in boring mind.

I need to contact the fortinet director board in South East Asia to complain about this, but hard to find their contact information.

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From my experience FNDN is not a site managed by support, it is a development portal that is open to partners and customers.  For this validation, it must be the local sales team that can validate the relationship.  I would suggest working with the account team and their managers to get your access, I don't think support is going to be able to help you.



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