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What features are low-end models missing?

I have heard vaguely that some features do not exist on lower-numbered FortiGates, as a warning against getting a lower numbered one that, in the new generation, still has more bandwidth than the old one you're replacing.

Can anyone tell me any specific things a 200D was able to do, that a 40F or 60E/61E won't? I have a FWF 61E on the way to upgrade my home network (which is sorta a lab...).

Using an external switch, so port count is a non-issue. But I want to be able to use PKI users ("user peer" in CLI).

I'd like to know if it still comes with 2 FortiTokens - although not the end of the world, as I generally use SSH keys, or for HTTPS, PKI admin account. Fart-a-tokens are the only MFA you can't put on a YubiKey :p

omegle xender
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PKI users is model independent feature.

Every hardware Fortigate comes with 2 free mobile FTK, from 40F to 3600F at least, haven't checked 6k/7k.


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Yuri blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.
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