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What does the local standalone switch do in the SSID settings in the context of the GUI

Hello All,


I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what the Local Standalone switch does in the Fortigate GUI for SSIDs utilizing the bridge network setting. I have gotten just the local authentication to work and understand its purpose. I can enable Local Standalone, but it appears to do nothing differently than having just local authentication selected. Do any of you have a use case for when you would select local standalone; or what the parameters would be to make this work. Thanks!


What version is this FortiOS? I haven't seen this before even with 5.6.2 although it's there in CLI in VAP config.

Looks like it's something to do with wireless-controller function sharing with FortiAP-S, like DHCP server. It seems to be just an enabler for AP functions and this setting itself doesn't seem to change anything particular parameter.

Probably somebody else has a better explanation.


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