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Web Caching SSL Sites - Specifically Google

Has anybody done this?  Google accounts for probably 1/2 of all my outbound internet traffic because we're heavily entrenched in Google Apps and I'd love to be able to use Web Caching for more than HTTP requests.  The problem is that 90% of Google's site now use HTTPS exclusively.  Has anybody been able to do it?  If so, how?




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I've done a couple of times will SSL deep inspection enabled, but it never seems to work out well.  At some point, some user-specific page gets cached and things break for other users.  Maybe I've just never got the settings right, but I've had similar problems with other web caching (Barracuda) and WCCP systems.  I really want this feature to work, but I'm not sure how to get around user-specific web pages sharing the same URL.


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