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Wan LLB Switchover issue



In Fortigate 50E firewall we have connected dual wan connection... on Port wan1 & wan2.

Both ISP last mile connected on RF media. For using Both ISPs  connection we have enabled wan LLB spill over algorithm....

problem is that whenever there is packet drop in primary ISP automatically secondary connection is not getting switched over.

For measuring the link quality wan status check has been enabled...below is the configuration currently running.

how can we ensure that when there is packet loss in any of those link, route should be removed and pass the traffic on stable connection.

Edit WAN Status Check

Name [size="2"][/size] ProtocolPingHTTP Server[size="2"][/size]

Link Status

TimeoutSecond(s) Failures before inactive [size="2"][/size] Restore link after [size="2"][/size]

Actions when Inactive

Update static route   
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Name Wan check Protocol Ping

Server -

Link Status

TimeoutSecond(s) : 1 Failures before inactive :3 Restore link after : 5

Actions when Inactive

Update static route : enabled

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