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WAN Failover with a twist

Hello everyone,

     I have a unique situation (I couldn't find anything that fit) and wanted to see if I could get some direction.  I have the details below, let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks in advance.


I have two internet connections coming into my Fortigate:


WAN1 - Internet Traffic

WAN2  - VOIP service



1. Internet should go out WAN1 and voice should go out WAN2.

2. If ISP on WAN2 drops out then it should fail over to WAN1 automatically, then come back to WAN2 automatically when WAN2 is restored.

3. If ISP on WAN1 drops out then internet traffic should route over to WAN2.

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Have you tried to configure default static route with same distance but different priority ?

In addition, you should add health check monitor for the two wan

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use two default static route with same distance and the same (or different) priority + health check (as mention fl0at0xff) but you should also use policy routing for your specific traffic.


Dominik Weglarz, IT System Engineer

Dominik Weglarz, IT System Engineer

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