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Hello, is there any way to use FortiWiFi just like FortiAP from other FortiGate (as WiFi controller) ?I mean - I want to create and manage SSID interface on FortiGate 60D using FortiWiFi as radio device.Is it possible ?I read
Hi ! I have to replace Cisco router with Fortigate. I'm not familiar with Cisco (too much ;-))Client software (Cisco Anyconnect 4.2) MUST stay at desktops.As far as I read - this client could work as SSL-VPN client and IPsec Client.I don't see any IP...
Hi ! Since 5.2 firmware there are a lot of changes in sslvpn (i.e. lack of WAN --> ssl.root polices for web-portal).I use sslvpn very seldom - but now one of my customer upgraded from 5.0 to 5.2.There are 2 tunnel (sslvpn) configurations and 5 web-po...
I'd like to configure FG to protect mail server in way that will pass email but cut only some attachments (like *.exe).It was possible when AV module had "file pattern" option.Is it possible ?
Hi ! There was "file pattern" option in AV in previous version of firmware (4.0 MR3 last as I remember).As AV level it was good because I could block specific files in attachments.Now - in DLP this option will block whole email.I'd like to configure ...
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