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Vulnerability result on EMS not detailed as on client

Hi guys

I've a question about de vulnerability scan result from FortiClient.

On the client in the scan results there is found an application which uses log4net. On the client I can see whats the vulnerability an in which path it's located.

But on the EMS server I only see the vulnerbaility and not where it's located. Maybe I failed to see it on the EMS server...


Can someone help me out??


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Hello @padi,
Thank you for using the Community Forum. We see you trying to look for the current vulnerabilities in the EMS server. Could you let me know if you have followed the below docs?
Hope this is helpful.
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Hi Aashiq 

Yes if seen this but this is not really what I meen. So for explanation, on the client I can see following entrey on the vulnerability tab:
Client.pngI can see in which location the log4net.dll is located, so I can see which programm is the malefactor





On the the EMS Server on this client I only can see that there is an vulnerability

EMSServer.pngI can't see the location where the files is located.


So I have more information on the client site than on the EMS site.




Hi padi,

Do you have a FortiCare ticket opened with us?
I found an Internal similar thread discussing this:
-[Improvement Suggestion]Vulnerability logging with filepath and applications
-Display vulnerability detected paths


"To display vulnerable file location on EMS" is being scheduled on EMS 7.0.8.


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Hi Bon

No not yet. I am little bit wondering about that. I tought this should clear that if I can see the path on the client that you also can see the path on EMS, for me this would be logically.

But oke if it would be built in with version 7.0.8, than we have to wait...


Thanks for yout investigations.





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Can you confirm if this has now been completed, I don't think 7.0.8 was released and you have now moved to v7.2.  Having looked through the release notes I can't find any reference to this being changed.

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Sorry no I can't confirm, that haven't updated yet to 7.0.7 we are still on 7.0.7.


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I'm on 7.0.8 and I don't see where the affected file(s) is indicated in the GUI.  I also checked the release notes, and I don't see this issue mentioned in the resolved issue list or the known issue list.

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Yes I can confirm we have now FortiClient EMS on 7.2.1 and diffrent client versions, also 7.2.1 and I can't see the path of the vul files on EMS server.


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