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VoIP over IPSec site-to-site VPN

I' ve got 2 FG-90D' s connected over internet based IPsec site-to-site VPN and am passing voice over the connection. Site A has an asterisk PBX and Site B has handsets getting all their PSTN connectivity through Site A. I' m new to FortiGate so I' m wondering what I could do to try and guarantee the Voice as much as possible. Obviously there is no guarantee over the internet, but at least to the device edge. Is it as simple as enabling the VoIP UTM profile on the Policy rules for the VPN tunnel, or is that for something else?
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Hi, 1. Enter the following commands in FortiGate’s CLI: 1. config system settings 2. set sip-helper disable 3. set sip-nat-trace disable 4. reboot the device 2. Reopen CLI and enter the following commands – do not enter the text after //: 1. config system session-helper 2. show //locate the SIP entry, usually 12, but can vary. 3. delete 12 //or the number that you identified from the previous command. 3. Disable RTP processing as follows: 1. config voip profile 2. edit default 3. config sip 4. set rtp disable
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