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Vlan - Maximum number of entries has well reached.




I'm using the GNS3 simulator to study the configuration and functioning of the FortiGate.

I created a appliance in GNS3 of FortiGate using the virtual machine (VM) provided by FortiNet for KVM in version v.7.4.0.


Model: FortiGate VM64-KVM
Version: v.7.4.0 build2360 (Feature)
Operation Mode: NAT


My goal is to connect a Cisco L2 VM switch configured with 5 Vlans to FortiGate over a Trunk port.

The Cisco L2 VM is correctly configured and operational.

The FortiGate VM is connected to three "physical ports" interfaces:


  • Port 1 - Wan - VM NAT (Internet) - in operation
  • Port 2 - Lan - Windows 10 VM - in operation
  • Port 3 - Lan - VM Cisco L2 - Trunk port - in operation

When I try to create the first Vlan interface bound to port 3 I get the following error message:


Maximum number of entries has well reached.

Object set operator error, -4 dial the setting.


In the size table (print tablesize) I found the following entries related to Vlan and Interface that may be related to this problem:


switch-controller.vlan: 0 256 512
switch-controller.vlan:selected-usergroups: 0 0 0
switch-controller.vlan-policy: 0 256 0
switch-controller.vlan-policy:allowed-vlans: 0 0 0
switch-controller.vlan-policy:untagged-vlans: 0 0 0
switch-controller.managed-switch:ports:allowed-vlans: 0 0 0
switch-controller.managed-switch:ports:untagged-vlans: 0 0 0


system.switch-interface: 0 0 0
system.interface: 0 0 256
system.interface:tagging: 0 0 0
system.interface:tagging:tags: 0 0 0
switch-controller.switch-interface-tag: 0 256 512 0 256 512


What seemed to be a simple setup turned into a big challenge.

I appreciate your help to continue my studies.




I see you are using an evaluation/free version which has limited capabilities. Similar discussion is seen  in the thread Fortigate trial 4 inerfaces limitation - Fortinet Community


Best regards,



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