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VXLAN with anycast gateway

Hi everyone,


my google skills are failing me: is it possible to have two fortigate 600E working as VXLAN anycast gateways?


I have currently set up vxlan between two Fortigate units. Both units have the same IP address on the subinterface that is part of the virtual-switch for vxlan.


When a client sends an arp request, it will receive both the local units arp reply aswell as the remotes. Since the remote arp reply arrives after the loca one, any client device will install the mac address of the remote fortigate.


Cisco has a command to suppress sending arp replys into the vxlan cloud and to keep them local.


Adding "set arpforward disable" to the switch/vxlan-Subinterfaces does not seem to do the trick.


Any Ideas?





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*** Bump ***


I would like to know the same as I've not found anything to answer the same on the googles


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