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Endpoint Antivirus Software Recommendations - SentinelOne

Investigating antivirus options as they pertain to the FortiGate firewalls. I noticed that Fortinet has an alliance with SentinelOne. Would appreciate any feedback possible. Is a paid FortiClient license required? Is the FortiGate UTM Bundle sufficient? What real world benefits does this offer? The instructions show to enable DHCP on the internal interface, what if the network uses a Windows server to provide DHCP? What happens if the endpoint is a laptop and the device is not in communication with the local area network protected by the FortiGate? On the guidance it shows that the profile should be set to “Third party AntiVirus on windows’. Does this mean that FortiGate deactivates it’s antivirus protection?
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Besides SentinelOne, are there other antivirus recommendations for business that work well?


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