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VPN Tunnel Aggregate - Custom IPSec VPN Tunnel Interface Not Listed

Hello Everyone,

I am currently running a Fortigate 40F with FortiOS 7.2.5. I am experiencing a strange issue, and I feel I might just need some guidance:

When I create a IPSec VPN Tunnel using the Wizard, I am able to get a functional tunnel. However, the Phase 1 toggle for Aggregate Member is not available. You cannot edit the Phase1 one it has been created within the CLI because it is in use. 

I gave attempted a few times to recreate the same exact tunnel specifications (Phase 1 and 2) as a Custom VPN tunnel without success. In the Phase1 options I do receive the toggle for Aggregate Member. However, I am unable to create firewall rules or static routes to get the VPN working because the newly created tunnel is not listed in the system interfaces list. 

I can understand why the aggregate member toggle might not be available in the wizard. Its something that likely has not caught up to this feature yet. I cannot understand the reason for my interface not being listed to create rules against. I assume that must be something I am not understanding about the Fortigate ecosystem. 

Can anybody provide some guidance? Thank you. 

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Ensure that the VPN tunnel is properly configured on your network device. Double-check the VPN configuration settings, including the tunnel's local and remote endpoints, encryption settings, and authentication methods.


I am absolutely sure all my VPN settings are correct. I do not understand why the VPN tunnel is not listed as a system interface to create firewall rules and static routes against. Any idea?


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