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VPN Quality/Performance Monitoring

I'm evaluating using Forticlient and a VPN to my org using Fortinet kit. I have a typical home user setup with my laptop using my home WIFI and then VPN over the internet to my org. At times I experience poor response and using Wireshark I see jitter/packet loss and from examining my WIFI router this is at the internet side of things and I have also wired in to negate wireless issues. I was wondering though if there is anything in the Forti suit that can produce VPN quality metrics? I'd like to be able to centrally review VPN quality as I expand my POC. 

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Hi there,

While not an answer to your question, assuming you are using SSLVPN try enabling DTLS to improve performance. You'll need to enable it in the FortiClient's settings 'prefer DTLS', (and should be enable by default on the Fortigate side). 

Basically this option tells it to use UDP over TCP for the transport and can yield very noticeable improvement. 


Mark Ribbans

Thanks for the reply. I'll get it enabled and test