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Using Forticlient EMS 7.2.2 on Windows 10. I need to run a script when the VPN comes/up down but run it in the SYSTEM context. There is a capbility in the remote access profile but this seems to run in the USER context.How to achieve this?
Using FortiClient 7.2.1 with Fortigate 6.4 and FortiClient EMS 7.2.1. We have an SSLVPN define for our users. When they get to the Windows sign-in screen they have an option to connect with the PVN but must select a certificate form the drop down lis...
I'm using Fortigate 6.4 and Forticlient EMS 7.2.1 and looking to split tunnel certain traffic based on it's IP or better IP and PORT. These are IPs we host on our corporate Edge. Is this possible?
We have an odd issue trying to split tunnel a local application myapp.exe. We are using Forticlient EMS 7.2.1 and Forticlient 7.21 connecting back to a Fortigate 6.4 on-prem for SSL VPN. We wish to split tunnel all traffic from myapp.exe. What appear...
Using Fortimail 6.4.4 in from of Exchange 2016 hybrid to Exchange Online. We use LDAP profiles on the Fortimail device to lookup targets addresses in Active Directory before forwarding mail into Exchange. This works fine for mailboxes that are either...