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Users randomly disconnected

Hello, i am a new user.

I have a strange problem with some users. Ramdonly the users they are disconnected.

I have changed the pc, nothing. What happens? They work, they goes in the lan but randomly they don't go more on internet.

In FSSO, the label of their domain user account disappears, and so they don't give more on internet.

We have FortiGate 60E, firmware version 5.4.8 build 6501 GA.

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot.


Valued Contributor

It sounds like you have a policy set up to only allow Internet based on a successful FSSO authenticated user? 


We have had mixed results with FSSO...usually it works, but I have mostly tried to avoid anything mission critical relying on it.  When it has failed on us (i.e. drops a previously authenticated user as you've described), having them log out of Windows and log back in seemed to do the trick (since our FSSO connector is relying on the AD domain controller agents).


Unfortunately I am not experienced enough with FSSO to offer other troubleshooting suggestions though.

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 I also facing the same issue. users are randomly getting disconnected, and  it asks for authentication. when we restart the pc, it automatically logins. Kindly help on this guys


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