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Fortigate config change

Hi everyone,

If my Fotigates are managed via a Fortimanager, but, someone made some change on the Fortigate itself, I see the device settings status: Modified - under Installation tracking. But, I cannot find out what changes have been made on the Fortigate. 

Is there a way to see it, please?


Thank you,


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The brute force way would be to compare the backup you have in Fortimanager against the backup from the Fortigate itself in a text editor.

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As a follow up to Bob's post, if the Fortimanager stores config revisions for fgt devices, you may be able to see the config changes under Configuration and Installation Status->Total Revisions.


Similarly, the fgt device itself may store config revision, under System Information->System Configuration_>Revisons.  


In both cases, if config changes are not stored/retrieved automatically, you likely need to retrieve/save the current config.

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thank you very much for your replies.

the Fortigate does not have revisions, they are only on the Fortimanager.

I guess the only way would be to compare them.


Thanks again.