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Unable to login Fortigate VM after restore configuration

Hello guys,

I restored a physical Fortigate's configuration into Forti-VM in order to test because we don't have same physical model.

Forti-VM is actived license.

Configuration restore is ok and Forti-VM has restarted.

But i am unable to login as admin user from vmware console :


Can't find admin profile ()
test-a $
test-a $


I don't know what is $ command mode , just can only excute 'exit' command.

Does anyone know any information about this ?



Hello rinvn,


The best option to do these configuration migrations is using the forticonverter service. As the license is already active, I would suggest you to give it a try with forticonverter and open a ticket so we can transfer the license to the new instance that you will create.


Is there anything in the configuration under "config system admin"?



Aleksandar Nikolov
New Contributor II

config system admin
 edit "admin"
 set accprofile "super_admin"
 set vdom "root"
 config gui-dashboard
 edit 1
 set name "Status"
 set permanent enable
 config widget
 edit 1
 set password ENC xxx

config system accprofile
 edit "prof_admin"
 set secfabgrp read-write
 set ftviewgrp read-write
 set authgrp read-write
 set sysgrp read-write
 set netgrp read-write
 set loggrp read-write
 set fwgrp read-write
 set vpngrp read-write
 set utmgrp read-write
 set wifi read-write


I do not see "super_admin” configuration in accprofile.
Tried to create "super_admin" configuration and restored into FortiVM and Fortigate-1500D but still can not login.
I could not login as "maintainer".

We have support contract, so i am asking for support.
Thank you.



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