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Unable to assign Switch Template

Working with FortiManager 6.2.3, FortiGate 101F 6.2.3 and 2-FortiSwitch 548D 6.2.3 Created a standard template for my FortiSwitches. Since all Switches will be the same, I figured it would be smart to build a template. Both Gate and Switches are fresh out the box. Authorized the Switches to the Gate and added the Gate to FGM. No issues. After assigning the template in FortiSwitch Manager (one template built for each switch) to each switch, I go to Device Manager, click on install Wizard, select "Install Device Settings (only)", Next through the rest (status shows "connection up" but  the install falls, I receive the following generic error: "Aborted due to previous error". When I look at the history I see this: 


FG101F[copy] (root)1%2020-08-14 05:30:30:Start copying shared objs to devdb, device(AUHM-FG101F), vdomid(root)FG101F[copy] (root)80%2020-08-14 05:30:30:Initiate request to install to real deviceFG101F[copy] (root)90%2020-08-14 05:30:30:Commit failed: IP address can not be 0FG101F[copy] (root)100%2020-08-14 05:30:30:Aborted due to previous error

I have an open support ticket with FortiSupport but so far they have not been helpful. Just curious to see if anyone else has ran into this issue before and what steps they took to overcome it. It probably isn't something difficult but without being a specific error (What IP address can not be 0?! lol) it makes troubleshooting more time consuming.



Thanks in advance and let me know if you need more info.

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regular config push to FortiGate does work?

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I forgot to update this but the issue was somehow a blank mac address was inserted into the DHCP reservation section. This bunked the config.

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Thank you, Good Sir. Saved my from a lot of headaches today. Same thing happened to me. I had already prestaged the device before shipping onsite. Was all in sync with FMG. On site and try to push a change and receive the error message "IP address can not be 0" - which means very little.


I doubt I would have checked the DHCP Reservations if you didn't give an update on your issue.

I found a blank entry for a DHCP Reservation - MAC all 0s and IP all 0s


I updated that and BAM! FMG started pushing changes to the device.


Thanks TheUsD

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Glad I could be of assistance. I've learned something so small (such as a follow-up) can be something so big to someone else. Happy to hear your issue was resolved.


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