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FortiEDR slowness

Does anyone here use FortiEDR? We started with v4 and it was a pretty good lightweight product but at the same time lacking a lot of features. Since upgrading to v5 we have had nothing but problems. Working with their support for months on Microsoft Dynamics being slow as hell with FortiEDR and now we seem to be getting complaints of slowness on regular laptops.

We actually had a customer go out and buy a new laptop because his was slow only to find out once we disabled FortiEDR his old laptop was fine (he obviously should of worked with us prior to buying a new laptop of course)

We have experienced other applications being slow as well such as Y.E.S. management (auto software). It is very weird how it affects random applications and in the case of Dynamics you can disable/enable FortiEDR and the slowness will be back in a few hours but not instantly. However disabling FortiEDR makes the problem go away instantly. vshare
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I wanted to give the product a shot. I am just 7 months into a 12 month contract and only in the past few weeks have we been able to start turning on EDR from simulation to production. The culprits were: 
1) First month under contract, we were not given portal information, installer or guide
2) The server we are is slow or unresponsive when trying to create exceptions. Even the BPS tech was like "This is pitiful". EDR engineers said problem is fixed but still continuing to run into issues.
3) Unable to delete old logs (server issue)


Would love to continue to use FortiEDR since it does integrate with their other products but the lack of resolution from support makes it very difficult to want to continue.

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