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Unable to Implement SDWAN Overlay Template

Hi all.


I am using Trial copy for version of 7.2.0 running on both Forti Manager and FortiGate NGFW.


I am trying to test a Single Hub topology, have created three Normalized Interfaces "LOCAL_LAN_INT"

MPLS_INT and INET_INT" having per device mapping to Port2,3 and 4.


I believe have done the correct configuration but getting the error as shown below for HUB Device



error :131 - datasrc invalid. object: vpn ipsec phase1-interface.VPN1:interface. solution: datasrc invalid


I guess it's trying to fetch this value from "VPN Manager" which is empty, any help will be much appreciated.

Someone told me the issue is fixed in Version 7.2.1 




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The error message you're encountering, "error:131 - datasrc invalid", seems to suggest that the data source FortiManager is trying to reference to create the VPN IPsec phase1-interface is invalid or not available. This could happen if there's a misconfiguration in the VPN setup or if there's a bug in the software.

Here are a few things you could try to resolve this issue:

1. **Check VPN Configuration:** Ensure that your VPN configuration is correct. Make sure the VPN interfaces are properly defined and mapped.

2. **Check Normalized Interfaces:** Since you're using normalized interfaces, make sure that these are correctly mapped to actual interfaces on your devices.

3. **Check FortiManager Version:** If you're running a trial version of FortiManager, there could potentially be limitations or bugs in the software. If someone has told you that this issue is fixed in version 7.2.1, then it might be worth it to upgrade to that version if possible.

4. **Check SD-WAN Overlay:** Ensure that the SD-WAN overlay and the VPN Manager settings are correctly configured.

5. **Contact Support:** Given that this is quite a specific issue, it might be worth it to contact Fortinet's support. They can provide more targeted troubleshooting and, if it's a known issue, they can confirm whether it's resolved in a later version.

Remember to always backup your configuration before making any major changes or upgrades. Let me know if you need further help with any of these steps.

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It seems like you're encountering an error with the SDWAN Overlay Template while using version 7.2.0 on both FortiManager and FortiGate NGFW. The error message indicates an issue related to an invalid data source within the VPN IPsec configuration.

Since someone mentioned that the issue has been fixed in Version 7.2.1, it might be worthwhile to update to that version to see if it resolves the problem. If upgrading is not an option, double-checking your configuration, specifically within the VPN Manager and related interface settings, might help. Additionally, referring to the official documentation or reaching out to Fortinet's support may provide more tailored assistance for your particular setup.

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Emma Wilson

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