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URL Filter for incoming connections?

We have one tomcat server in our environment.
Can we write a rule like this for incoming connections?
1.* (allow all incoming connections. It is currently active and working)
2.* (only private ip addresses can access xyz and its subfolders, deny other incoming connections. Everyone can access folders other than xyz).


You can try as below:
Create 1 security profile for Web Filter as per this link: 

URL filter | FortiGate / FortiOS 7.4.1 | Fortinet Document Library

On this profile you block*
Now you will need 2 firewall policies.

First one will have as source private IP addresses, and destination this web-server you can apply Web Filter that is already working.

On second firewall policy set as source all, destination web-server and apply Web Filter profile that blocks xyz.
Hope this helps.