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Traffic log empty

I have a FortiGate 300A running 4.0 MR3 Patch 15. I see entries in the Event Log, but nothing in Traffic Log. I have firewall policies set to Log Allowed Traffic. This is memory only - no disk in 300A. Here is " config log memory settings" :
 diskfull            : overwrite 
 ips-archive         : enable 
 status              : enable 
and " config log memory global" :
 app-ctrl            : enable 
 attack              : enable 
 dlp                 : enable 
 dlp-archive         : enable 
 email               : enable 
 explicit-proxy-traffic: enable 
 failed-connection   : enable 
 severity            : error 
 traffic             : enable 
 virus               : enable 
 wanopt-traffic      : enable 
 web                 : enable 
 webcache-traffic    : enable 
 allowed             : enable 
 anomaly             : enable 
 app-ctrl-all        : enable 
 blocked             : enable 
 dlp-all             : enable 
 email-log-imap      : enable 
 email-log-msn       : enable 
 email-log-pop3      : enable 
 email-log-smtp      : enable 
 email-log-yahoo     : enable 
 extended-traffic-log: enable
 ftgd-wf-errors      : enable 
 infected            : enable 
 oversized           : enable 
 scanerror           : enable 
 signature           : enable 
 url-filter          : enable 
 violation           : enable 
 web-content         : enable 
 web-filter-activex  : enable 
 web-filter-applet   : enable 
 web-filter-cookie   : enable 
 web-filter-ftgd-quota: enable 
 web-filter-ftgd-quota-counting: enable 
 web-filter-ftgd-quota-expired: enable 
 web-filter-script-other: enable 
GUI is set to show memory. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Are your policies set to log traffic?

Are your policies set to log traffic?
Yes, as I mentioned above, I do have firewall policies set to Log Allowed Traffic. There is definitely traffic flowing through these policies too and I generate matching traffic whenever I test a change.
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