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Has anyone used OpenSSL to generate a CA signing certificate for use with the FortiGate to do HTTPS deep packet inspection instead of using the certificate that comes with the FortiGate? If so could you provide the syntax? Thanks,
Once an AP is deployed as a branch/leaf AP is there anyway to connect directly to its web interface to make changes?Maybe over mesh backhaul? Thanks, Paul
Has anyone setup NPS on Windows Server 2010 to service Radius requests from the FortiGate?Specifically I'm looking for documentation on how to setup the Windows Server side (NPS.)We use Radius with NPS (using FGT vendor attribute) to not only authent...
In 5.0.11 running on a 60D I do not see "config alertemail setting" as an available command, however in a 3600C also running 5.0.11 I see that option available. Did Fortinet remove the ability to send alert emails from the FortiGate on their SOHO dev...
FortiOS 5.0.9 using an interface based L2L tunnel with 3 phase2.I am only able to bring up 2 phase 2's at a time, when I attempt to bring up the 3rd phase 2 (either in VPN monitor or with interesting traffic) the phase 2 listed below it in the list g...
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