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Traffic Shaping Troubleshooting

As we know, 
Max Bandwidth is a value to limit a maximum bandwidth and Guaranteed Bandwidth is a value to ensures that a consistent reserved bandwidth is available for a given service or user.

if I have a 100 Mbps of internet speed and I've done for assign the traffic shaping policy following the details below.


Accounting Network

max bandwidth = 100 Mbps

guaranteed bandwidth = 10 Mbps

If I've 10 employees in my company, all users will connect to the internet by 10 Mbps per client.

If I've 20 employees in my company but I'm not sure how much the internet bandwidth per user ?
 - 5 Mbps / per user ? (guaranteed bandwidth = 10 Mbps)

Could you please explain this scenario to me? 


When you configure a shaper per user, you are likely to refer to a "Per-IP" shaper and not to Shared Traffic Shaper. This one does not have a guaranteed bw configurable

If you want to use guaranteed bw, a Shared traffic shaper must be configured. BUT: When setting the guaranteed bandwidth, ensure that the value is significantly less than the interface's bandwidth capacity. Otherwise, the interface will allow very little or no other traffic to pass through, potentially causing unwanted latency.


Your scenario is mixing the two possibilities - it is not clear which one you want to use, or where you apply it (shared / per user IP / per policy). Theoretically, in a misconfigured scenario like this one, the first 10 users will get 10Mbps, and the others will likely get a fraction of anything that is left.

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