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As we know, Max Bandwidth is a value to limit a maximum bandwidth and Guaranteed Bandwidth is a value to ensures that a consistent reserved bandwidth is available for a given service or user.if I have a 100 Mbps of internet speed and I've done for as...
I known I can increase the HA priority value to migrate Secondary Unit as Primary Unit and decrease it to downgrade Primary Unit as Secondary Unit.I'd like to know, is it different between the two methods? 1. increase the priority on secondary unit t...
Hi everyone I need your help.I've configured the URL Filtering for blocking but when I try to access the website I didn't see the URL blocking on my screen I just see the error message.The log has shown "blocked" but the replacement mess...
I need to route traffic from some branch network subnet to access the internet through HQ firewall via VPN IPsec site to site tunnel.Please advise me to solve this issue. Please see attached file for a detail.I need at the right side to a...
I found the internet connection lost. When I found our workstation cannot access the internet. This is my step process that I've done.1. Workstation cannot access internet and cannot ping (request time out)2. I've remoted to FG. (I can ping i...
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