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The case of disappearing diagnose debug commands in the documentation and references

Hello everyone,

I've noticed Fortinet docs less and less mention diagnose debug commands in the documentation. Where do you find them when in need, especially for the new FortiOS versions? 

There was once Wiki   with all the diagnose debug commands in one place, but it was removed (even from FortiOS CLI reference 6.0 has only get commands section. For example, for Fortigate virtual servers, I could only find commands back in 5.6 version documentation: which unfortunately show nothing in my 6.0.9 FG ...



Yuri  blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.
Yuri blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.
New Contributor

I raised this with our account manager last year when it disappeared, the answer given was 'the wiki is no more, please reference the CLI guide on the docs site for your release version'.


Have to request a pmdb project / mantis bug to improve the documentation useability.

Although the cli nodes are structured in a tree, e.g., type 'tree' cli cmd to see the whole structure,

the CLI help text string is added by programmer and this is limited by source code lines.


This is unlike ips rule signatures which have rule IDs that can be used to reference web documentation directly,

thus keeping the info available, with more details and updateable.


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