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Strange behaivior wiht FortiManager install policy.



i'm having a policy install problem on my fortigates from the fortmanager, let me explain better, i'm assuming that before i install anything i make sure the policy packace is aligned and the configuration is in sync, for example if i create a simple policy and then going running the install wizard in the installation preview there is a lot of configuration part that is touched that has nothing to do with the newly created policy, like address, service or CA, and I'm having this problem very often, what could it be due to?





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ok maybe i found the trick, the fortimanager delete all objects which are not used in the policy package, however no one asked to do this and it brings confusion in the install preview. Is there a way to disable this feature that you know of?

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You probably won't be able for FMG to stop doing the cleanup. I experienced it when a local category "Whitelist" was removed when nothing was in the list yet. I cried "why would it do this to me?" but I got used to it by now. Once it's removed, the removal can't happen with any subsequent changes. So only once you need to exect that to happen.




usually when you do the first time install, the FMG cleans up the un-referenced objects in the Fortigate (but keeps them in the Fortimanager if you imported ALL OBJECTS) and installs the ADOM certificate and changes UUIDs of the objects and policies, 

The second time you install, the install preview should show you only the changes you made

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