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Hello,I don't know how to solve a problem with the fortimail filters, I'm getting emails where the link inside points to a URL that is not categorized as malicious (e.g. Information Technology) but then it redirects to a URL that is actually maliciou...
Good morning, I have set up some link monitors that point to IPs on my internal network to understand if packets are lost. Is it possible to set up an automation that sends me a notification email when packets are lost? BR, Giuseppe
Hello, I'm noticing a strange behavior of the firewall, and therefore also from the windows machine behind, when I try to resolve the FQDN that is published on my connection. let me explain better: 1)if I try to resolve the FQDN from the firewall the...
Hello, I can't get the fortianalyzer docker (any release) to work on synology, same with fortimanager, given that I have other containers on the same platform all working perfectly. Has anyone succeeded in this endeavor? if so how did you do it? BR,G
Hello, i'm having a policy install problem on my fortigates from the fortmanager, let me explain better, i'm assuming that before i install anything i make sure the policy packace is aligned and the configuration is in sync, for example if i create a...
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