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Strange VIP /NAT issue

We have a customer which is migrating their internet connectivity to a new speed and provider.   WAN2 has the legacy internet connection and WAN1 has the new internet connection.


I am attempting to migrate VIP and rules to the new connection.  Although I have created a new VIP and rule to map RDP to port 52002, it does not work on the new connection, even though it works on the old connection and IP.   I have ensured the new IP is correct and that the internal IPs are also correct.


Another server on port 52000 works as expected so I am at a loss to explain this.

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cli cmd diag debug flow  is your friend, but it sounds like a routing and failures  with uRPF lookup. I bet the old default route is pointed thru WAN1, if the  VIP is attached to WAN2 and you have a RPF lookup failure the   firewall  will drop the packet due to RPFs checks.


If you want to confirm, place a /32 host route thru WAN2 to the source of your tester ipv4 address.






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The VIP definition asks for an external port. Make sure you change that in the VIP definition. It will only work on one outward facing interface, not both.

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